Rapture's Etesin by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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Quantity and Prosodic Asymmetries in Alemannic: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives (Phonology and Phonetics, 5)

This can be a accomplished research of the segmental and metrical process of the Swiss German dialect of Thurgovian. it really is in accordance with the author's unique fieldwork and is an in-depth learn of this region, tracing it again to its outdated excessive German roots, fairly that of the dialect of Notker.

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Leksi’s limbs were all but useless as he tried to push himself erect. The coverlet was hindering his legs and his arms so weak he could not throw aside the obstruction. ” Kynthia cursed. She reached down, snagged the coverlet, and dragged it off him. The cool wash of air dragged over Leksi and he shivered. It mattered little that the woman was staring unabashedly at his nakedness. What was one more set of eyes on his manhood this night? What bothered him most was the uselessness of his arms and legs as he tried to rise.

His respect for Kratos Hesar rivaled only that he bore for Konan Krull, the Lord High Commander of the Venturian Forces. “You think about her all the time,” Kratos stated. ” He waited as Leksi nodded then told him to go on. “You can’t eat,” the older warrior said, and looked down at the food on his friend’s plate. He ran a gnarled sword hand through his thick crop of short salt and pepper hair. ” Leksi frowned. ” He motioned the tavern maid to bring them each another tankard of mead, but Kratos waved off the offer of another for himself.

She grinned. ” “Oh, I bet the Amazeen would have bought him. If not them, then the Hell Hags would have. The witches would have bought him just to parade him naked before their Tribunals. He would have brought a clutch of gold sovereigns,” Erinyes grumbled. “I disagree,” Haidee said. ” Erinyes scoffed. “You had better hope he is too ashamed to report this to the Venturian High Council,” Kynthia told them. “We’ve already made a bad enemy of this man and if…” She slapped a hand to her mouth. ” Galatea shrugged.

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