DW172: Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems by Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association

By Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association

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2 interval between visual inspections of elements of the system incorporated in the The kitchen should be determined by the particular cooking process, but shall never be more than once a week. All metal surfaces shall be checked to ensure that there is no accumulation of grease or dirt and that there is no surface damage. 3 Checks shall be made to ensure that the stiffening channel is free from debris and that installed lights are working. Filters shall be easily removable and the inside of all housings and grease collection drawers, where fitted, should be cleaned regularly.

Ventilated ceilings are usually installed after the wall finishes are complete. As such the finish should extend to at least 50mm above the installed height of the ventilated ceiling. 3 Because of the many canopy sizes, access routes should be established to ensure that components can be easily manoeuvred into the building at the appropriate stage of ventilated ceiling system. 8 Canopies are fabricated to specific geometric shapes and dimensions. During the construction. Consideration shall be given by installation, inaccuracies in the building all parties to special access or lifting provisions that may be required.

9 The light housing shall be manufactured from a material or colour which will ensure fulfil this requirement. In comparison with maximum light reflection downwards towards other systems of lighting, the fluorescent fitting is generally the most efficient and economical option with the best life expectancy. They should be incorporated into a suitable housing to isolate them from the cooking process. See CIBSE Code for Lighting, Lighting at Work, BS ISO 8995 and BS EN 12464- 1. 2 The the working surface.

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