Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II by VIKTOR SUVOROV


Bestselling writer Victor Suvorov probes newly published Soviet records and reevaluates latest fabric to research Stalin's strategic layout to overcome Europe and the explanations at the back of his arguable help for Nazi Germany. A former Soviet military intelligence officer, the writer explains that Stalin's process prime as much as international warfare II grew from Vladimir Lenin's trust that if international warfare i didn't ignite the global Communist revolution, then a moment international battle will be had to in achieving it. Stalin observed Nazi Germany because the energy that will struggle and weaken capitalist international locations in order that Soviet armies may perhaps then sweep throughout Europe. Suvorov finds how Stalin conspired with German leaders to avoid the Versailles Treaty, which forbade German rearmament, and secretly proficient German engineers and officials and supplied bases and factories for battle. He additionally calls awareness to the 1939 nonaggression pact among the Soviet Union and Germany that allowed Hitler to continue along with his plans to invade Poland, fomenting struggle in Europe.

Suvorov debunks the idea that Stalin used to be duped via Hitler and that the Soviet Union was once a sufferer of Nazi aggression. in its place, he makes the case that Stalin neither feared Hitler nor mistakenly relied on him. Suvorov keeps that once Germany occupied Poland, defeated France, and commenced to arrange for an invasion of significant Britain, Hitler's intelligence companies detected the Soviet Union's arrangements for an enormous battle opposed to Germany. This detection, he argues, ended in Germany's preemptive warfare plan and the release of an invasion of the USSR. Stalin emerges from the pages of this publication as a diabolical genius ate up through visions of a world Communist revolution at any cost--a chief who wooed Hitler and Germany in his personal attempt to overcome the area. In contradicting conventional theories approximately Soviet making plans, the booklet is sure to impress debate between historians in the course of the global.

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The path to the world fire lies over the dead body of White (anti-Communist) Poland. We will carry happiness and peace on our bayonets to the working people of the world. To the West! ”3 In the days when the Red Army was advancing toward the Polish cities of Warsaw and Lvov, a second congress of the Comintern was taking place in Russia. The Headquarters of the World Revolution then issued a call: Brothers—Red Army Fighters, you should know your fight against the Polish slave drivers is the most just war in history.

Sometimes this happened: Communists decided to stage a coup, and Hitler decided the same thing—on the very same day. In fact, Soviet Communists made attempts to use Hitler and his party for destabilizing the political situation in Germany long before Hitler’s coming to power. 4 Stalin’s Role in the Rebirth of German War Power Only one country—Soviet Russia—can win in the event of an all encompassing conflict. —A H,     L H,  B  , N ,  A fter World War I, Central and Western Europe were in such a debilitated state that a large war could not arise because no nation was capable of starting one.

10 The First Contact y 11 The peasants’ and sailors’ uprisings and the workers’ demonstrations were crushed by the same man who lost the Polish war, Mikhail Tukhachevski. He showed inhuman cruelty, and disregarded all international rules of law and human rights. Under his leadership thousands of hostages were executed by firing squad, peasants were shelled with poison gas, and villages were burned. Villagers were drowned in swamps; sailors were drowned, pushed into holes cut in the ice. Communist leaders were desperately looking for a way out of the crisis.

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