Angelomorphic Pneumatology : Clement of Alexandria and Other by Bogdan Gabriel Bucur

By Bogdan Gabriel Bucur

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72 Descourtieux, Clément d’Alexandrie: Stromate VI (SC 446; Paris: Cerf, 1999), 399 n. 4. 73 Strom. 110. “the other clement” and angelomorphic pneumatology 21 In other words, even though Clement says explicitly that he has here and there interspersed the dogmas, which are the gems of true knowledge, “at the end of Strom. 7, we are still not out of the ethics”. 74 Nautin observed, however, that only a couple of chapters earlier (Strom. ” It appears, by way of consequence, that at least one more book of the Stromateis existed before the Hypotyposeis, of which the fragment entitled “Strom.

31 It is significant, however, that these critics dismiss Nautin’s proposal as simply a “personal theory” (Annewies van den Hoek), and a “perplexing” one at that (Nardi), while focusing only on his discussion of the Clementine program, without any objection to the first half of his study, which discusses the state of the manuscript, weighs various proposals to explain the situation, and draws the comparison with the Tura Codex II of Origen. 32 Nevertheless, to speak, as do Méhat and Nautin, of Clement’s Hypotyposeis as the pinnacle of a Clementine corpus, organized according to a hierarchic architecture, and offering a progressive disclosure of Christian tradition organized according to specific pedagogical principles—a mystagogy of sorts—is begging the question.

The other clement” and angelomorphic pneumatology 11 Scholars do not agree on this subject. 37 As Osborn notes, “[t]he Stromateis are not merely 34 De Faye, Clément d’Alexandrie: étude sur les rapports du christianisme et de la philosophie grecque au II e siècle (Paris: Leroux, 1898), 113: “L’idée ne lui vient pas, avant d’écrire, d’analyser sa pensée, d’en ordonner toutes les parties, d’en disposer avec soin les éléments, en un mot de dresser un plan mûri et logique . . Ce qui manque à cet ouvrage, ce n’est pas la logique de la pensée; c’est le talent d’en disposer en bon ordre les développements.

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