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Reprint of a vintage, adpted from Bengali via Basanta Koomar Roy. old novel used broadly as textual content

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Asked Kalyani. The Mahatma pointed to a pitcher of water in a corner of the room. Pouring a little on the palm of her hand, Kalyani requested the Mahatma to sanctify it with his touch. When the Mahatma had blessed the water, she drank it and said: 'I have now drunk nectar, Master. ' 42 'Mother, please banish all fear from your mind. Stay strictly within these protected walls in safety. ' 6 I t was late and the moon shone high in the sky. It was not a full moon; so it was not bright. Light, however, had fallen on the vast meadow making a shadow of the darkness.

The lieutenant turned and walked alongside the 48 moving cart. Just then the sound of a pistol shot was heard. The lieutenant, shot in the head, fell on the road. In a moment he was dead. ' The man still had a pistol in his hand. He threw down the bundle from his head; and struck the sepoy with the butt end of his pistol. The sepoys head was fractured, and he could not molest the man anymore. As if at a signal, two hundred armed men rushed out of the jungle and surrounded the sepoys with victory calls.

The cry attracted 38 the pursuers and they cried aloud for vengeance. Bleeding and exhausted Kalyani staggered on into the jungle. After a while the moon rose dispelling the darkness. Kalyani was hopeful that the robbers would not find her in the dark; that they would search for a while and then stop. But with the rising of the moon even that ray of hope vanished. With all its glory the moonlight flooded the forest. The darkness in the heart of the jungle lost some of its intensity, and now and then rays of light began to peep through the openings between the leaves.

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