American Institute of Physics Handbook by American Institute of Physics, Dwight E. Gray

By American Institute of Physics, Dwight E. Gray

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Conservation of Momentum. IMPULSE-MOMENTUM THEOREM. The impulse of a force acting between times to and t, is defined by if = tl ~ F dt to (2a-12) From Newton's second law, the impulse of the total force acting on a particle during FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF MECHANICS. , (2a-13) CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM. When the total force acting upon a particle is zero, the momentum of the particle is a constant; this follows directly from the impulsemomentum theorem. Conservation of Energy. WORK-ENERGY THEOREM.

Bull. 20 (February, 1969), published by the British Institute of Physics and Physical Society. 2. National Bureau of Standards: NBS Interprets Policy on SI Units, Tech. News Bull. 52, 6 (June, 1968). 3. National Bureau of Standards: NBS Adopts International System, Tech. News Bull. 48, 61 (April, 1964). 4. , and Paul J. Kliauga: Symbols, Units and Nomenclature in Physics, p. 694 in "The Encyclopedia of Physics," R. M. , Reinhold Book Corporation, New York, 1966. 5. National Bureau of Standards: The English and Metric Systems of Measurement, NBS Spec.

Boron ................ Bromine .............. Cadmium ............. Cadmium ............. Calcium .............. Calcium .............. Carbon ............... 52 20 20 -233 -253 14 20 20 2(] -273 20 20 20 Deceased . • H. M. Childers of the Vertex Corporation provided valuable consultant service. 1 2-:\1 --- 2-20 MECHANICS TABLE 2b-1. DENSITY OF THE ELEMENTS IN SOLID FORM '. Element Carbon .......... ···· . Cerium ............ ·· . Cerium ............. · . Cerium ............... Cesium ..........

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