Agile Development with ICONIX Process: People, Process, and by Doug Rosenberg

By Doug Rosenberg

This booklet describes utilizing the ICONIX technique (an item modeling method) in an agile software program venture. to do that, the publication defines a middle agile subset—so these of you who are looking to "get agile" needn't spend years studying to do it. as an alternative, you could easily learn this booklet and practice the middle subset of innovations. The ebook follows a real-life .NET/C# undertaking from inception and UML modeling, to operating code—through a number of iterations. you could then cross online to check the completed product with the preliminary set of use situations.

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4 So quotes Alistair Cockburn (himself quoting Gerald Weinberg) in his book Agile Software Development. While it is beyond the scope of this book to give the full coverage to the teamwork, communication, and interpersonal aspects of software development, we would be doing a disservice to our readers if we didn’t touch on these topics to some degree. That is the purpose of this section. Choosing the Right Team Probably the most important decisions you will make—if charged with running a project—relate to selecting the people to work on the project.

Low-impact decisions, on the other hand, are those that will have only a localized impact. Changing the implementation of a many-to-one relationship from a vector to a linked list is such a decision—its impact is clearly very limited. 3. This is the Agile Modeling core practice “Iterate to Another Artifact” (Scott W. Ambler, Agile Modeling: Effective Practices for eXtreme Programming and the Unified Process [Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2002], p. 44). ) provides insight into a particular area, so if you find yourself getting stuck on one artifact, try switching iteratively to a different artifact to get unstuck.

Scott W. Ambler, Agile Modeling: Effective Practices for eXtreme Programming and the Unified Process (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2002). 11. The term chaordic describes a self-organizing, adaptive system, the behavior of which exhibits characteristics of both order and chaos. CHAPTER 1 ■ WHAT IS AGILITY? ) • To address how you can improve your modeling activities following a “near-agile” approach to software development. In particular, this applies to project teams that have adopted an instantiation of the Unified Process such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP) or the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP).

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