Advanced Transmission Techniques in WiMAX by R. Hincapie, et. al.,

By R. Hincapie, et. al.,

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5 GHz, as depicted in Fig. 14. 9 GHz Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. 1 Table 3. 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 30 Advanced Transmission Techniques in WiMAX (a) (b) Fig. 14. Measured radiation patterns of the proposed CPW-fed slot antennas with 0, 1st and 2nd iteration fractal stubs (a) 2450 MHz and (b) 3500 MHz This section studies CPW-fed slot antennas with fractal stubs. The return loss bandwidth of the antenna is affected by the fractal stub. It has been found that the antenna bandwidth decreases when the iteration of fractal stub increases, which it will be opposite to the conventional fractal structures.

Fig. 17(a) and (b) show the y-z and x-z plane co- and cross-polarized patterns at 1700 and 5200 MHz, respectively. The radiation patterns are bidirectional on the broadside due to the outer slot mode at lower frequency and the radiation patterns are irregular because of the excitation of higher order mode, the traveling wave. Fig. 16. Measured return losses of dual-band CPW-fed slot antennas Dimension (mm) Bandwidth (S11 ≤ -10 dB) Antennas win WS Lin L2 L3 Fig. 1, 5040–5920 Fig. 9, 5060–6705 Fig.

85 GHz. 7 GHz), corresponding to the 23%, 20%, and 27%, respectively. 69 GHz). Fig. 20 shows the measured gains compared to the simulated result for all distinct bands. For the first two bands, gains are slightly decreased with frequency increases, whereas the gains in the upper band are fallen in with the simulation. 98 GHz are plotted in Figs. 21(a), 21(b) and 21(c), respectively. As expected, the very good omni-directional patterns are obtained for all frequency bands in the x-y plane, whilst the close to bi-directional patterns in the x-z plane are observed.

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