A woman of the world by Genie Chipps

By Genie Chipps

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The Daylight Gate

A superbly atmospheric, intricating woven, magical modern day story of the Pendle Witches. The animosity and anger betwen the accused and the accusers -- which tore the group aside within the 17th century -- continues to be going robust today.

The animosity and anger among the accused and the accusers -- which tore the group aside within the 17th century -- continues to be going robust at this time. a pair visit Pendle and the lady is stuck up within the legend that has haunted the realm for hundreds of years.

Just Tell Them I Survived!: Women in Antarctica

This number of interviews celebrates women's participation in nationwide and personal expeditions to Antarctica. in keeping with one hundred thirty interviews the ebook levels around the first girls scientists to go to Macquarie Island in 1959, to modern 'winterers'. Given the level to which males have regularly marked out the territory, bodily, socially and psychologically, how do ladies event an Antarctic remain, what draws them to overseas, and the way do they depict the beautiful fantastic thing about Antarctica itself.

Dazzling Women Designers

The paintings of ladies designers touches every little thing of our lives. within the Nineteen Twenties British furnishings fashion designer and architect Eileen grey constructed principles for houses that also look smooth this day. From chairs made up of metal tubes to bare-basic rooms, she created a wholly new glance. American Suzanne E. Vanderbilt used to be one of many first girls to layout autos for basic automobiles.

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I am wondering how you will meet what seems to me a more humiliating rĂ´le, when you are sent out by an editor to gain an entree to some person who does not wish to be interviewed. Will you, when refused entrance at the front door, go in at the rear and hobnob with the servants? will you spy, and watch and wait on street corners, and hide yourself in hallways, and intercept and surprise, and congratulate yourself when you have trapped your prey? " You need to realize the facts before you enter the profession.

One of the most gifted men America ever claimed was driven from his native land by the cruel, bald, and heartless personalities of newspaper critics, who seemed to consider it necessary to comment on his physical infirmities whenever his genius was mentioned. " Surely this was agreeable reading for a gifted woman whose genius had delighted thousands! It has sometimes seemed to me that theatrical road life with a one-night-stand company would be less brutalizing to the finer sensibilities, and less lowering to the ideals of a young girl, than the method of work required of many newspaper reporters in America to-day.

I am that general, my dear friend, standing outside the field of motherhood, and viewing the efforts of my battling sisters to rear desirable men and women. And I am glad you have appealed to me while your two children are yet babies to give you counsel, for I can tell you where thousands have failed. And I thank you and your husband for reposing so much confidence in my ideas. I think, perhaps, we had better speak of the postscript of your letter first. You ask my opinion regarding the chaperon for your sixteen-year-old sister, who is going abroad to study for a period of years.

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