A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricoeur's complete philosophical venture narrates a keenness for the possibleexpressed within the wish that during spite of dying, closure, and sedimentation, lifestyles is opened by means of superabundance, by way of how the realm supplies us even more than is feasible. Ricoeur's philosophical anthropology is a phenomenology of human means, which supplies onto the groundless flooring of individual, particularly, God. hence the tale of the able guy, starting with unique goodness held captive by means of a servile will and finishing with the opportunity of liberation and regeneration of the center, underpins his ardour for the greater than attainable. The essays during this quantity hint the fluid stream among phenomenological and spiritual descriptions of the able self that emerges throughout Ricoeur's oeuvre and identify issues of connection for destiny advancements that would draw thought from this physique of suggestion.

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In other words, in which area of my existence am I touched by the religious problematic? I answer this: it is in my desire to be, in my capacity to exist, that the arrow of the religious comes to hit me. I have adopted in my works on philosophical anthropology a condensed expression that serves as a heading for detailed analyses, the expression capable man. Under this expression I gather all the figures of power and impotence, as indicated by linguistic constructions using the auxiliary verb can.

He chose rather to pursue his own problems and to hope that others would pick up on them. ‘‘Talk about my philosophy, about philosophy, not about me,’’ I can hear him saying. Yet his death changes things, and we need to acknowledge this; not in the sense that the time has come for a Ricoeur school or society, but in the sense that the canon, so to speak, has closed. There will be no more new books. Translations? Probably yes, there is still a lot of material already in print out there but not available in English.

We have always translated: traders, explorers, diplomats, spies, under the supervision of bilinguals, always knew to clear the linguistic barrier by the practice of a foreign language. Indeed, is it not with something similar to this linguistic hospitality that we achieve a gradual understanding of religious beliefs we call foreign, and in general, an understanding of convictions of all kinds, of which the exploration of religious beliefs constitutes only one chapter? I would like to draw a final conclusion from my interpretation of the phenomenon of religious violence; it is a practical consequence, more certain than the preceding ones and concerning what I call practical wisdom.

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