A few good men from Univac by David E. Lundstrom

By David E. Lundstrom

During this own memoir, electric engineer David Lundstrom recollects the heyday of early computing, the increase of regulate facts out of the Univac department of Sperry Rand, such milestone computers because the Univac and the Naval Tactical facts method the exploits of CDC's most sensible fashion designer Seymour Cray, and the slow company shift from the intriguing and technically attention-grabbing international of laptop layout to inner politics and clumsy forms. - writer.  Read more...

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Sperry Rand soon filed a lawsuit against Control Data, charging theft of trade secrets. Bill Norris nev er concealed his low opinion of the abilities of the senior Sperry Rand manag ement based in New York City. In my opinion, one reason there has been little opportunity for nepotism at Control Data is the contempt that Bill Norris had for the abilities of Marcel Rand, the son of Remington Rand founder Jim Rand Marcel Rand was at one time executive vice-president of the entire Remington Rand operation and Norris's boss.

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