A Fan's Notes (Exley Autobiographical Trilogy, Book 1) by Frederick Exley

By Frederick Exley

This fictional memoir, the 1st of an autobiographical trilogy, strains a self professed failure's nightmarish good into the bottom of yankee lifestyles and his resurrection to the knowledge that emerges from despair.

Frederick Exley recounts his existence because the son of a hero-worshipped highschool athlete who's doomed to be a spectator not just of activities, yet of existence. From irresponsible drifter, to dreamer of very unlikely desires, to drunkard, to widespread sufferer at an insane asylum, Exley carried luggage from his early life via a lot of his grownup lifestyles, by no means feeling he may get away the darkish cloud of expectation that hung over him. whilst Frank Gifford, former big apple Giants backfield famous person, is injured, Exley is jolted into painful realizations approximately his existence, and a confession.

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