A Dividend Stock Strategy for Teens by Tammy Gagne

By Tammy Gagne

The teenager reader is guided in his figuring out the parts of constructing a superb, good thoughtout dividend inventory approach. via various examples of process innovations the teenager learns to enhance their very own plan.

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Now suppose that the stock drops by $5 per share next month, and drops again by another $5 the following month. Your investment may still go up in value over time, but for right now you have lost money, $200 to be exact. If you had invested $50 monthly instead, you would have more cash available to buy more shares when the price dropped. You would have also lost less money when the stock price fell. Of course, if the price had increased as you expected, then your later purchases would have been made at those higher prices.

If you have a part-time job, you may decide to invest in two or three different DSPPs. If you choose companies that have minimum monthly amounts of just $25, these investments would only cost you $75 each month. If you consider how much money you will make back in dividends, your monthly investment is even less. indd 39 5/15/13 5:09 PM CHAPTER 5 programs—an even better way to take advantage of dollar cost averaging. No matter what your personal dividend stock strategy is, make thorough research a regular part of any stock purchase you make.

Today, they are household names that many analysts consider to be good investments. But if they don’t keep up with their competitors, even these companies could find themselves out of business. While many people get their advice from experienced analysts, even these “experts” make mistakes. Young people may be at an advantage in picking strong stocks for the future, since they are often more aware of changes that are happening in the industries that they like. Many famous investors recommend “buying what you know”—or building a stock portfolio of companies whose products and services you actually use.

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