A Concise History of the Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes

By Richard Pipes

The writer of the vintage two-volume learn, The Russian Revolution and Russia less than the Bolshevik Regime, now distills these works into an authoritative new chronicle of Russia among 1900 and the loss of life of Lenin. "A deep and eloquent condemnation."--The ny occasions.

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She produces, and controls, influential "clay" even in this technological, increasingly secular world. Anyone who doubts that fact should ask the former Soviets about her influence. Page 34 of 319 Chapter II: Clay-Like Ideologies Arise to Undermine Unipolarity Interestingly, Christendom herself has come to be an amalgam of iron-like conservatives and clay-like liberals. To this day the most fervent religious conservatives disdain the concept of separation of Church and State, while religious liberals fervently espouse the concept.

OR BIPOLARITY REVISITED? Russia which carefully and strategically considers its ways and goals in the light of the full range of geopolitical and global economic realities, trends and developments. For example, in its ongoing negotiations with the EU for a true strategic partnership, Russia is finding a great deal of assertiveness and self-confidence for itself. This is disturbing to outsiders, who prefer to keep Russia down, and to harness it like a treasured bull. However, Russia will not assume that place in today's geopolitical world.

However, Russia will not assume that place in today's geopolitical world. It has now refused to negotiate with EU officials except on its own terms - but its terms are not unreasonable or belligerent. Russia is forcing the EU and all others to wake up to a realization of its true and indispensable importance and role in today's complex, energyneedy world. It insists on the kind of strategic partnership with the EU and/or its key members which fully recognizes these facts, and which accords Russia the respect and influence it deserves.

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