86 Life Answers. Sagittarius by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 20

The Archer.

Candid. stressed, impatient, curious, impulsive, nature- and sport-lover.

This ebook presents solutions to 86 lifestyles questions about wealth, good fortune and happiness.

Know thyself and your appropriate mate.

Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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How to recapture your Sagittarius youth 44. Are you in the right location for love, money and success? 45. Love secrets of the fire signs 46. How sincere is your Sagittarius lover? 47. What makes Sagittarius naturally irresistible? 48. Sagittarius’ instant keys to a better memory 49. How Sagittarius can create more time 50. Making maximum use of your Sagittarius traits to get ahead faster 51. Love – where to find it 52. Your perfect valentine, Sagittarius... 53. How to increase your popularity 54.

When you combine this with your natural sales ability, you can accomplish anything. 42 Sagittarius’ powers of attraction M en: You’re fascinating when you display your love of knowledge... With your interest in anything foreign and keen sense, adventure you’re an intriguing date, knowing the most exotic restaurants and places to go... A philosopher at heart, you enthrall an audience with your wisdom and unique insights... Your exuberance about the prospect of romantic intimacy is contagious... Sports events and fitness pursuits also bring out your infectious enthusiasm, which is an irresistible lure to women...

6 Whom you Sagittarius attract and why You earnest, aspiring Archers often attract mates, partners or associates who are quite different from you in personality and temperament. Their Traits: They are less likely than you to be frank, idealistic and focused on the big picture. They’re more apt to be glib, mentally quick but changeable and involved in community or educational affairs. Traits Partners Will Especially Appreciate in You: Your optimism, enthusiasm, love of travel and adventure, fiery and independent nature, generosity, interest in new ideas and your search for the truth.

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