2004 Russian Superfinal Chess Championship Report

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Kh4, which would have lead to an easier victory. Now things had definitely become more complicated and Motylev did everything within his power to make Kasparov’s life difficult in the endgame. He defended stubbornly and resourcefully and only overnight analysis will decide where White lost half a point. “Kakoj nefart! ” But has a broader meaning in Russian chess slang. After the players had signed the scoresheets, Kasparov paled, stood up, and shook his head in dismay. ChessCafe 29/11/2004 2004 Russian Super-Final 45 / 66 Missing a win was extremely disheartening for him.

G4 even I had few doubts about the evaluation of the game and this is something I try not to think about during play. Nd5+?! Ke1 I was prepared to consider this position carefully, but glanced at the clock and quickly played what happened to be the best move. Ra8! b6 instantly and chastised myself for my inability to calculate two ply ahead. Fortunately, time trouble motivated me to find the correct move rather quickly. Rxa5 bxa5 With just seconds on the clock, it is impossible to play the best defensive moves, especially in a lost position.

But Karpov’s departure was taken more seriously. Karpov has not played classical chess in over a year and lost his recent training match to Sadvakasov. It was only his enormous experience that prevented my colleagues from calling him a long-shot at the event. Naturally, nobody wants to produce bad results in an important tournament, but doesn’t it matter to keep one’s word? In the absence of Karpov and Kramnik we only have one world champion remaining – Garry Kasparov. The organizers tried to renew Khalifman’s invitation, but the Las Vegas champion had already accepted another offer and was reluctant to cancel his obligation; even in view of the more attractive conditions.

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